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Coping with Autism

Life is a wonderful but challenging!

Words for Tim

     William Cerda appeared to be developing at a normal rate during his early years. “He was starting to speak…and even used to eat meat,” said William’s mother, Angela Cerda. “About 3 months after his 18-month shot it all stopped.” Since then it is as if his learning process has reversed. He can no longer verbalize words or hold a pen, and refuses to eat food items that are not french fries or plain cheese pizza.
     As difficult as single parenting is, imagine how complicated life can get when one of your children cannot verbally communicate with you. For Angela Cerda, every day is a struggle and new learning experience for both her and her 7-year-old autistic son. “It’s been a challenge trying to communicate with an autistic child, having to learn about autism and how to deal with it,” said Cerda.
     Autism is a…

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